Dear Friends

We have made a lot of progress with new parks in development during the month of October. Shaba Hills and Buffalo Springs in Kenya are under final review with the Isiolo County Government; the agreement for Bazaruto Archipelago National Park in Mozambique which will be the first marine reserve in our portfolio is also near to conclusion; discussions for Pendjari National Park in Benin, our first foray into western Africa, are happening at a very rapid pace; and the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority visited Liuwa and Majete as part of their due diligence on us and subsequently have offered us four parks in Zimbabwe. The diversity these sites contribute to the existing African Parks portfolio is significant, in terms of area, species, their challenges, and their opportunities for conservation and the impacts that will have on both people and wildlife alike.

Besides this pipeline of new parks, the work among our current ten parks continues at full steam ahead. We’re making way for cheetah reintroductions in Liwonde, rhinos to both Akagera and Zakouma, the training and advancement of rangers across all the parks, and delivering needed benefits and assistance to local people who depend on the long-term health of these areas more than anyone. It is in times like these, of change, disruption and insecurity, that the African Parks’ model of accountability allows us to continue to effectively solve some of the planet’s most pressing problems. Undeterred and energized, thanks in large part to your ongoing support and shared vision for Africa’s wildlife, we forge ahead.

Best regards,

Peter Fearnhead
African Parks


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