Institutional Update

Communications: We continued to receive extensive interest in our “500 Elephants” initiative among national and international press. On the 19th of October, we released our one-minute video “500 Elephants on the Move in Malawi”, which was followed on the 28th October with a coordinated press release with Kensington Palace about Prince Harry’s role in the translocation and our two-minute film “The Journey of Giants” showcasing his involvement. Both videos generated enormous interest and were picked up globally by hundreds of media outlets and had tremendous reach on social media.

New sections of the African Parks website were also made live earlier in the month including the Newsroom, Visit the Parks and Our People to name a few.

We have begun to put out ‘good news’ stories on Fridays to our general email list. The first one about our K9 unit in Akagera “Meet Bruno” was issued last week and can be viewed here. If you’d like to receive these updates, please sign up on our African Parks homepage.

International Cooperation: Jean Marc Froment, African Parks’ joint Conservation Development Director was instrumental in catalysing a meeting held in Brussels among all the European Commission and the US Government actors to initiate a strategy on the insecurity, conservation and development in the central African region. Participants included DG – Development, DG – Environment, EEAS, and the Bekou Fund from the EU and Africom, USAID, and US State Department from the US Government. Garamba, Chinko and Zakouma were all presented as case studies. Key topics covered included poaching by armed groups and transboundary pastoralism.